Bijoux et mode d’Amérique portés par Miranda Lambert

Bijoux et mode d’Amérique portés par Miranda Lambert
Venant tout droit des Etats-Unis les bijoux et les toilettes portées lors des soirées mondaines.

Miranda Lambert wore Mattia Cielo diamond hoops while performing onstage at the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After working for his family’s company Cielo Venezia 1270, considered one of Italy’s most important jewelry groups, Mattia Cielo established his fine jewelry company in 2006. Created with the idea of producing jewels for the Third Millennium, Mattia is credited with bringing the avant-garde concept of a highly technological, innovative jewelry collection to the world of fine jewelry. Each piece of his collection is conceived with a vision of jewelry design as the highest expression of art and as an expression of intuition in the form of a material object, thereby reinterpreting emotions and reconstructing them in a poetic manner. Combined with a passion for long-standing traditional craftsmanship and the latest production technology, Mattia Cielo continues to rewrite jewelry’s architectural rules. For more information, please visit

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